Ryan supports a strong education system with decisions in the hands of our teachers. He will fight for local control and do what it takes to allow parents and teachers to control the educational future of our students.

Ryan Will:

  • Vote to end Common Core and replace it with a state-run system of high standards and accountability
  • Support teachers and parents developing a rigorous education standard and testing protocol
  • Demand the new system be fully vetted, explained and accepted by teachers and parents across the state
  • Insist it be implemented in a smart and precise way that does not cause confusion for teachers, students, and parents

Ryan will also be a strong proponent of parental choice, increasing the pay of our teachers to be competitive with the southern States, reducing administrative costs so education dollars are spent in the classroom and providing teachers with the flexibility they need to address disciplinary matters in the classroom.

Ryan will also work to make sure the state pension systems are solvent for years to come. We made a promise to our retired teachers and state workers and that promise must be kept.

Ryan will be a friend of teachers, parents, and students and he will stand strong for a plan to create excellence in our education system in Northwest Louisiana and throughout the state.