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Sen. Gatti was honored to speak on behalf of the “Love Life Amendment.” Those in attendance said “You could have heard a pin drop. “ (HB425).

“It’s never ok to kill a baby in the womb.”


After a lengthy debate, the state wide teacher pay raise passed the Senate with only one no vote. Senator Gatti’s speech in support is attached below.

PR for SB138

Katie Bug’s Law


Rebuilding Our Aging Roads and Bridges

A movement is growing across the nation to rebuild our aging roads and bridges. Serious conversations of over a trillion dollars in federal money over the next ten years. President Trump made this promise when he was a candidate and this program is gaining momentum...

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Ryan Supports Education

Ryan supports a strong education system with decisions in the hands of our teachers. He will fight for local control and do what it takes to allow parents and teachers to control the educational future of our students. Ryan Will: Vote to end Common Core and replace it...

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Hollenshead endorses Gatti

The third-place finisher in the Louisiana Senate District 36 race has endorsed attorney Ryan Gatti in the runoff election. Todd Hollenshead, who received 26 percent of the vote in Saturday’s balloting, said the Legislature needs to go in a different direction. Gatti...

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Teachers for Ryan

Teachers support our campaign: I will work to end Common Core and fight for our teachers. We will return control to our local school boards and teachers. I will treat teachers like the asset to the community they are- not the way they’ve been treated for the last...

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Issues Important to Ryan

 As your next State Senator, I will bring strong leadership to Baton Rouge, make decisions that will grow jobs, vote against tax increases and protect the values we live in Northwest Louisiana. Please share our new commercial and thank you for your constant...

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Voices of Our Citizens Matter

One of the greatest parts of this campaign is having the chance to visit with so many people in towns and cities throughout this district. And everywhere we go, we carry a map of the district. People sign on their street and it will hang in my office as a daily...

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Fresh Ideas for District 36

Our first commercial is starting tomorrow. I would love for you to watch it and share it with all your friends and family and encourage them to share it too. I am the candidate for State Senate District 36 with new energy, fresh ideas and the courage and conviction to...

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