The third-place finisher in the Louisiana Senate District 36 race has endorsed attorney Ryan Gatti in the runoff election.

Todd Hollenshead, who received 26 percent of the vote in Saturday’s balloting, said the Legislature needs to go in a different direction.

Gatti will meet state Rep. Henry Burns in the Nov. 21 runoff. Burns led the three-candidate field with 40 percent of the vote but that was short of the majority needed to win. Gatti was second with 34 percent. Both men are Republicans.

“We need fresh ideas and someone that won’t be a ‘yes man’ to anyone but the people he represents,” Hollenshead said in his endorsement message. “Career politicians helped Bobby Jindal make a mess of our state. As I have said throughout this campaign, the definition of insanity is electing the same legislators over and over again and expecting different results.”

Burns and Gatti are running to succeed Sen. Robert Adley of Benton, who is term-limited. The Senate seat represents all of Bienville and Webster parishes and parts of Bossier, Claiborne and Red River parishes. Burns gave up his House seat to run for the Senate. His legislative assistant won Burns’ House seat.